Instructions for collecting seeds

Pollination of cacti

If you want to produce a species-specific seed that is true to the location, pollination of cacti is important. This gives plants with the desired properties.

Plug tubes

A simple but effective method for seedling grafting:

Tips for flower formation

Are you not satisfied with your flowers?
Here are some tips for better flower formation:


Grafting is not for everyone. Many cactus friends do not like it and only want real-root plants. The grafted plants develop better and grow stronger. Since the underlay pumps more water into the body, the grafted cacti do not always look like the real ones.

I see it as a great way to save plants that have been infected by fungus. In addition, you save a lot of time, if you want to grow a plant faster and see its flowering properties. Since there are many types of rootstocks, you can of course determine yourself how fast the graft should grow. If you graft very high onto a Jusperti or Trichocereus, the grafted cacti will grow very quickly. Here it is advisable to transplant the plants after about 2 years onto a slowly growing sub-plant such as T. pasacana.

Ferocacteen or Pasacana are permanent sub-plant that last 30-40 years and grow very slowly. These are my favorites: they take on easily and won't sprout. Look by yourself and get the information about grafting.

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